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Green Energy Finance


This calculator includes the financier's initiation fee and Yonda's service fee of R2200. 

It is provided as a guideline only. Final repayments will be according to WesBank formal approval



Solar Equipment Financing in South Africa

Achieve Your Energy Efficiency Goals with Smart Finance Solutions

The expense and unreliability of power supply in South Africa has seen businesses explore alternative, efficient and renewable energy solutions. However, renewable energy solution technology, with solar power systems being at the forefront due to South Africa’s weather patterns, are costly and require a great initial investment to purchase and install.

In order to realise the many benefits of renewable energy in the form of solar power, businesses should partner with financial specialists who offer bespoke renewable energy and solar equipment financing solutions. Solar financing in South Africa is tailored to assist businesses in becoming energy smart with solutions that are both beneficial and budget-savvy.

Why Businesses Become Energy Smart

Power Sustainability and Become Energy Resilient

By reducing energy consumption and cost, businesses are positioning themselves to become energy resilient by relying on alternative sources of power. More and more businesses are seeking onsite renewable energy solutions, such as rooftop solar photovoltaic energy (solar PV), but they require solar energy financing companies or asset finance experts to guide them along the way. By becoming energy smart through solar power system finance, businesses can realise the following benefits from their energy solution:

- Reduced Energy Costs – having a solar supply will reduce the overall energy costs of your business, this is especially beneficial in South Africa with the rising electricity prices.

- Back-Up Power Supply Solution – have zero downtime due to load shedding or other disruptions by having a backup in the form of a renewable power supply solution.

- Reduced Carbon Footprint – businesses will have a reduced greenhouse emission status by making use of renewable energy, this will help businesses meet their energy efficiency goals.

Smart Solar Equipment Finance Solutions

Tailor-Made Solar Power Finance from the Asset Finance Experts

We understand that businesses need to move forward with more sustainable power solutions in order to become future-proof and build resiliency for continued success. Our renewable energy and solar financing packages are tailor-made for each individual business in order to provide smart solutions for financing assets, without the associated depreciation risk.

With us as your renewable energy and solar financial specialist, you:

  • Deal with dedicated experts who understand your industry and its energy needs.

  • Get customised solar power system finance solutions tailored to your needs and your business’ cash flow.

  • Have a variety of smart asset finance options to choose from.

  • Keep up to date with the latest energy efficiency equipment.

  • Feel safe and secure with the fixed and structured payments of your asset finance agreement.

  • Enjoy tax benefits with some of our finance options.

  • Get access to financial advisory services from experts with over 780 years of combined experience in the asset finance industry.

  • Realise all the benefits of asset finance.

  • Our Asset Finance division consists of dedicated experts who have the knowledge and experience to assist in structuring deals to suit the needs of customers wishing to invest in solar and renewable energy solutions.


Required Documents

These are the documents required for obtaining finance. Please help us fast-track the process ensuring you send all these through:


  •  A non-certified copy of your ID 

  •  Latest 3 months’ pay slips and bank statements

  •  Recent proof of address 

  •  A quote for your assets.

NB- we cant accept photos of these documents.



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