I hate riding my bike at the moment!!

Not really sure what it is, but it's true. I just cant seem to get excited about my riding at the moment.

I guess it's a combination of a few things really:

  1. I crashed and got hurt

  2. It's getting colder and darker

  3. I dont have a riding goal to aim for right now

I'm sure there are a lot of you out there who feel the same right now too?? What are you struggling with? EMAIL me to let me know your story and maybe we can sort it out together, or at least have a group hug... (mostly I just dont want to feel alone in this)

For some of you it might be about your bike. I know the feeling too. I look at my 2013 model, which is still a rad bike and super fun, but still, you know, I am feeling like a bit of a cheater lately! I find myself looking with long eyes at some of the new breed of bikes coming out and thinking, flip that would be lekker hey. I'm sure it would help get me over these riding blues. I would definitely ride more often and smash my PB on the local trails.

Then I think dont be dumb, it can't be just be about the bike can it? I dunno.

Anyway, if you are feeling the same, then maybe have a look at our CALCULATOR to see just how little a new bike might cost. Lately we have been averaging 14,5% interest on deals and at that low number, a new bike may just be the secret. Then again, maybe you shouldn't.

Ps. When I was getting into riding, The Ibis Mojo was my Pin-Up bike. Literally there were two pin-ups on my wall. Pamela Anderson and the Ibis Mojo. I still think she's beautiful. Pamela less so..... What's your Pin-Up bike? EMAIL me and let me know

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