Frequently asked questions

Who are we?

We are just like you…a bunch of people who love the outdoors, and living the outdoor life.

We have years of adventure and finance experience and put all this passion into our service to you.

Why borrow through Yonda?

Yonda is the market leader in Oudoor Finance in South Africa with a network of 180 accredited dealers nationwide, intense knowledge of the products we finance and offering the lowest interest rates.

With over 40 years' experience in the industry, our finance partners, WesBank are the leading Leisure Finance providers.

How much will I pay?

Everyone is different. You will go through the normal application and scoring process for a loan. Rates depend on your credit worthiness. Rates start from 11.5%. Rates are fixed. Used rates may be fixed or linked to Prime.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes there is normally a 10% deposit payable on New assets. Used assets normally dont attract a deposit.

Can I settle early?

Yes, and there is no penalty for additional payments or early settlement.

How long can I finance this for?

It’s your decision: 12, 24, 36 or 48 months. Some items can be financed for us to 60 months in unique cases. Choose what suits your budget best.

So what can I finance?


Trailers, including Offroad trailers






Why finance outdoor, adventure or lifestyle assets?

Would you buy accessories on your credit card? That’s finance right… We just offer a specific product at a better interest rate than most credit cards.

Besides, we don’t see accessories as luxuries anymore; they’re an important part of an outdoor lifestyle. Got a gym membership? This is like a membership to the awesome lifestyle of travel and adventure.

Ok this looks good. How do I get the ball rolling?

Fill in the Apply section in this website above to start the process.

How long does this take?

Pre-approvals are done in less than 5 minutes, during office hours. You will receice an email with further instructions thereafter.

Are there any additional fees?

There will be an Initiation and Service fee added onto your deal, which can be financed along with your asset. These will be clearly laid out in the finance quote you will receive if your deal is approved. These fees are: 1. Wesbank Finance Initiation fee of R1207,50 incl. 2. Yonda service fee of R2250 incl. Our service fee covers admin, processing, FICA verification and managing the delivery of the item. As an example, using our average price, term and interest rate, these fees add R73 to your monthly repayment.

Is there a minimum or maximum price?

Yes, you can finance anythign from R20 000 to R150 000 (after deposit) on bicycles. The rest do not have min or max pricing.