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2019 Trends??

So here we are, 2019!! Here's to a cracker year.

Things have definitely kicked off with a bang, and we hope the same on your side.

We thought we would also share some of the trends we are tracking for 2019.


  1. Aero bikes coming of age- more comfortable and better cockpit integration.

  2. Power meters as standard on higher end bikes.Stubby saddles.

  3. Tubeless wheels. Yes, we know its fussy on road bikes, but let's face it, it's just better.

  4. In-house brands that match the quality of bespoke brands.

  5. More touring and gravel bikes than ever before.


  1. Shorter fork off-sets will become more popular, sharpening up handling.

  2. XC bikes will continue to evolve the fun factor, following the long, low and slack mantra.2.5 and 2.6 inch tyre widths will creep in as OEM, for good reason.

  3. Steeper seat angles will be the new "slacker head angle" allowing for better climbing.

  4. Electronic integration will lift it's head higher and see forks, shocks, gears and dropper posts being integrated.

  5. More people will stop racing and go on cycling focused tours and holidays.

  6. E-bikes will become common place on the trails.


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Happy Trails.


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