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Love/Hate Black Friday?

We have a love hate relationship with Black Friday. It's awesome because bikes and accessories are cheap, but we hate it cos we can't buy them all!!

So we got to thinking, how can we help by pointing out some worthy upgrades to make your riding better. Here is what we reckon will add value. Let us know what you think.

Descending Sani Pass

1. Buy a dropper post if you MTB.

Dropper posts are becoming more and more standard on mountain bikes nowadays, and before you know it, will be specced as OEM. Some of the Specialized Epics have them, Cannondale's fancy top end Scalpel has it, and we saw pictures of the new BMC XC bike with a fully integrated dropper, IE, its part of the bike now, not an add on.

WHY, you ask. It makes riding technical terrain that much easier and stops you getting a saddle in the arsenal and going over the bars. Who doesn't want that, right!!

2. Tyres

It may sound odd, but types can make a massive difference to your ride. Forget all the fancy suspension design and funky geometry. Its your tires that connect you to the earth, and not all types are created equal. We are lucky in SA to have fairly moderate conditions, but even here, different compounds and tread patterns can make a difference. In fact, just tyre width is something to consider. So ditch those 1,9 skinny mtb tires and get with it. 2,3 and above is where its at.

3. Suspension

Yes this is a costly one, but the more you pay, the better they play.

Spending money to upgrade your suspension will give you a few advantages:

a. Weight

b. Adjustability- more tuning options, but make sure you learn how to use them

c. Smooth travel- expensive forks and shocks tend to have less friction and better seals, meaning buttery smooth travel

4. Fitness

Don't just ride, Train. Someone once said this to me and it changed things for the better. Have a plan when you go for a ride, and sometimes, go for specific training rides. It might be some hill work, or doing intervals on a short loop, but if you focus on an outcome, chances are you will get faster. AND, its for free!!

5. Nutrition

Not just on the bike, but concentrate on your eating off the bike too. Yes Yes we know. We struggle with this too. It's hard. Don't go crazy, just be conscious of what you are eating. It's fine to have to odd treat here and there as well. 'n man is nie a klip nie

6. Skills

Do yourself a favor. The next time you battle to ride a section of trail. Get off, go back and do it again till you get it right. Trust me, it does wonders for your riding. You can save valuable time and energy in a race if you can ride quicker in the technical bits.

Take it a step further and sign up for a skills clinic. Even if you have been riding for a while, it will give you a great return.

7. Tools

Learn how to look after you bike and buy yourself some tools to get the job done. Start with some simple tasks, like replacing a chain or brake pads. Youtube is full of great videos showing you how to maintain everything on your bike. Buy a few basic tools and give it a go.

The bonus is the next time you come unstuck in a race, chances are you might just be able to get it sorted yourself and crack on. Or be that good Samaritan and help someone out.

8. Get a Grip(s)

Sounds funny but your butt, pedals and hands are the contact points between your and your bike.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you the value of a good chamois, so we will leave that there.

Upgrade your pedals by just replacing the cleat part on the bottom of your shoes. Its cheap and will make your pedals feel like they are brand new.

Second thing is buy some new grips. Your hands are a vital part of the riding experience. New grips that fit your hand size properly will make a massive difference to your ride experience.

Want to share your tips, drop us a contact

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